Episode 15 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or cjsr.com. This week consisted or 15 tracks from the 25 track ambient collaborative release, instagr/am/bient, in which ambient artists swapped instagram photos and created short ambient companions to the photos.



Oootini – My Other Lens is a Leica
Smyth – The Space Between
Benjamin Dauer – In Reference to Time
J butler – Sundown
Atlastop – A Bursting Yellow Heart Landed in the Collapsible Forest
Steiner – A Place I Used to Call Home
Radere – Snow Noise (Overhead)
Mark Rushton – Float
Warren Craghead III – Some Found Things
Evan Cordes – At the Window
Richard Ginns – Mauldeth Rise
Linda Aubry Bullock – Near Cedar
Ted James – You’re Trying to Focus, but it’s Too Far Away
Christopher Bissonnette – Downwards
Naoyuki Sasanami – Fugetsu
Marcus Fischer – Up Above the Hill-Sky
Wooden Walls – Meter Maid
Tom Vourtsis – Black Eyes