Episode 107

November 22, 2014

cybercity lamp

Twin Peaks and space themed ambience. Local Badalamenti-heads Taiwan, International Space Station drones, and science fiction background ambience.

Taiwan – Invitation to Love
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme
Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme
Internation Space Station ambience
Millenium Falcon engine drone
Tardis drone
TNG Enterprise warp core ambience
2001: A Space Odyssey EVA pod noise
Blade Runner: Deckard’s Apartment background drone


Episode 87 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Music from an anthology Weird Canada sent out to radio stations to celebrate the launch of Wyrd Distro, the independent music distribution service.


Charles Barabe – Translation IVa
Taiwan – In My House
Segue – Intro
White Dog – Forest
Yankee Yankee – Moss Garden
Bitter Fictions – Little Joy
Valiska – Structure 1