Episode 104

November 22, 2014

Funnel to Fundrive

Canadian independent ambient artists featured on this pre-fundrive night of Field Tracking.

Willamette – Open Wounds (for J.N.)
Gunwale – Neyahtakaw
Gunwale – Noapte
Gunwale – Hilde Eden Park
Pigeon Breeders – Did Not Want/Did Not Have
Evan A. James – Chord
Evan A. James – Downer
Seque – Settle Down
Oneohtrix Point Never – Along



Episode 95 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Songs I would show to strangers.


Brian Eno – 1-1
Stars of the Lid – Dungtitled (in A major)
Taylor Deupree – Shutter
Seaworthy – Ammunition 2
Tetsu Inoue – Interlink
Oneohtrix Point Never – Betrayed in the Octagon
Tim Hecker – The Piano Drop

Episode 92 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. No theme, all vinyl.



Liars – The Exact Colour of Doubt
Boards of Canada – Cold Earth
Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Country
Oval – Scanner
Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer – Blanketing
Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer – Cloudline
Tim Hecker – Stigmata I
Tim Hecker – Stigmata II
Christopher Bissonnette – Another Moving Sight
Makoto Ozone – Watch What I’m Gonna Do

Episode 85 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Brian Eno’s Discreet Music record and related tracks.


Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No. 1
Brian Eno – Discreet Music
Oneohtrix Point Never – website loop
Happy Trendy – #13

Episode 60 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Grab bag of calm, slow ambient. Mix of synth drone, local tracks, and experimental performance pieces.


Northern – Drawn
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Issue Generator (for Eliane Radigue)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Explain
Chris Tenz – Artificial Lights
Benoit Pioullard – Gospel
Adam Pacione – Pinhole Sunrise
Benoit Pioullard – Sensor

Episode 42 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or cjsr.com. Long, tense drones but also featuring the debut of my ambient cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity as per the CJSR Fundrive winner’s request.



Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry – Vryashn
Keith Berry – Than Gain My Blue Peninsula To Perish Of Delight
Kyle Bobby Dunn – The Nightjar
Field Tracker – No Diggity
Oneohtrix Point Never – Betrayed In The Octagon
Brian Eno – Matta
Yann Novak – Relocation.Reconstruction

Episode 20 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or cjsr.com. The return of ambient techno and synth-based ambient. Special two hour episode.



The Field – Sun & Ice
Ellen Allien – Caress
Jetone – Phoedra IV
Electricwest – Never Enough
Concert Silence – Untitled
Morgan Greenwood – Snowing Slow
Brian Eno – Events In Dense Fog
Christopher Willits – Finding Ground
Tetsu Inoue – Q-Tip
Dolphins Into The Future – On The High Seas
Oneohtrix Point Never – Submersible
Mist – Mist Stream
Imaginary Softwoods – Crystal Pond
Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here
Oneohtrix Point Never – When I Get Back From New York

Field Tracker – Episode 2

February 20, 2012


Episode 2 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5FM. A tour of modern synth and electronic ambient works.



Oneohtrix Point Never – Physical Memory (0:30)
Emeralds – Geode (14:41)
Mist – Daydream (22:01)
Imaginary Softwoods – Black Water and Ice (29:36)
Steve Hauschildt – Polyhymnia (36:15)
Jurgen Muller – Waterworld (40:36)
Loscil – Lake Orchard (44:04)
Loops of your Heart – Cries (53:01)