Episode 108

November 22, 2014


100 White Albums and other sound experiments.

The Caretaker – Everything is on the Point of Decline
Rutherford Chang – 100 White Albums
Beneath The Castle – Desafinado (scary version)
David Lynch, Alan Splet, Fats Domino – Eraserhead Soundtrack (excerpt)
Jim Wilson – God’s Chorus of Crickets
The Caretaker – No One Knows What Shadowy Memories Haunt Them to this Day

Episode 52 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or cjsr.com. A brief look at some ambient soundtracks to film. Listen


Angelo Badelamenti – Mulholland Drive Theme
Cliff Martinez – Hammer
Shane Carruth – Little Victory
Jonny Greenwood – Shut Up Like A Good Boy
Jonny Greenwood – Since I’ll Come To See You Again
Jonny Greenwood – Henry Plainview
David Lynch & Fats Waller – Eraserhead (excerpt)
Gyorgy Ligeti – Jupiter And Beyond
David Lynch – Hole In The Silk