Music for my own comfort and the beyond. A small selection of some of my favourite tracks. This theme will be a recurring one.

Christopher Bissonnette – Jour Et Nuit
Stars of the Lid – Down 3
Eluder – Autumn Hips
Adam Pacione – Available Light
Adam Pacione – Good Morning Mockingbird
Adam Pacione – Sava
Beautumn – Cause of Divine
Brian Eno – Signals
Sleepytown Manufactre & Unit 21 – Athena
Taylor Deupree – Weather

Episode 105

November 22, 2014


The 2014 fundraising episode for CJSR 88.5FM’s Fundrive. This episode is devoted to a sample of the various kinds of ambient and experimental music I play throughout the show’s weekly existence.

Seaworthy – Dawn, 2nd October 2005
Beneath The Castle – birds, thunder, powertools
Yoshimi and Yuka – Korokokoro ‘N Insects

Pjusk – Rim
Richards Skelton – Scar Tissue
Windy & Carl – Interlude

Kyle Bobby Dunn – Canticle of Votier’s Flats
Willamette – Mid-August, For Rachel
Stars of the Lid – Hiberner Toujours

Sawako – Ev. o. tico
Moskitoo – Taxonomy
Fourcolor – Frosted Mint

Brian McBride – Prelude
Morgan Greenwood – 58936juiceboxe
Brian Eno – Quartz
Milieu – Sky Blue Dreamboat

Tetsu Inoue – Rebeat Reduction
Christopher Willits – The Baroque Machine
Autechre – Sonderemawe

Biosphere – Prologue
Stars of the Lid – Down II
Gregg Kowalsky – VIII
Tim Hecker – Palimpsest 1
Beautumn – Kilimanjaro

Endlessly – Arcturus
Adam Pacione – Warming Trend

Boards of Canada – The Smallest Weird Number
Evan A. James – II
The Caretaker – I feel as if I might be vanishing


Episode 95 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Songs I would show to strangers.


Brian Eno – 1-1
Stars of the Lid – Dungtitled (in A major)
Taylor Deupree – Shutter
Seaworthy – Ammunition 2
Tetsu Inoue – Interlink
Oneohtrix Point Never – Betrayed in the Octagon
Tim Hecker – The Piano Drop

Episode 93 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. An old Muxtape my friend David put together.



Stars of the Lid – Appreludes (in C Sharp Major)
Beautumn – Acoustic Nerve
Volcano the Bear – Ong Pate
Volcano the Bear – Russian Milk
The Field – From Here We Go Sublime
Tosca – wien in E. (session 3)
Autechre – Simmm
Jerry Schroeder – Underlow
Doublends Vert – Untitled 5
Brian Eno – Tal Coat
Christopher Bissonnette – Uniformity is Undesirable

Episode 85 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Brian Eno’s Discreet Music record and related tracks.


Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No. 1
Brian Eno – Discreet Music
Oneohtrix Point Never – website loop
Happy Trendy – #13

Field Tracker – Episode 78

February 18, 2014

Episode 78 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Tracks inspired by the phrase “slow and low.”



Eluder – Iris
Stars of the Lid – Low Lever (Listening)
Aidan Baker – Live in London 05/14/2007 Part 1
Northern – Growing
Brian Eno – Lizard Point
Keith Berry – You Left Me Behind But I Can’t Swim

Field Tracker – Episode 70

November 11, 2013

Episode 70 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. An interview with Edmonton based experimental electronic musician Evan A. James about his new EP, Desire, available here:  Unfortunately, there was a problem with the ftp uploading of this episode so there are portions missing. If this problem is fixed I will update the file, until then please accept my apologies.



Brian Eno – A Clearing
Evan A. James – III
Chet Baker; Wolfgang Lackerschmid – Balzwaltz
Evan A. James – IV
Graham Lambkin – Baby & Fox
[missing data]
Evan A. James – I
Evan A. James – II

Episode 42 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or cjsr.com. Long, tense drones but also featuring the debut of my ambient cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity as per the CJSR Fundrive winner’s request.



Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry – Vryashn
Keith Berry – Than Gain My Blue Peninsula To Perish Of Delight
Kyle Bobby Dunn – The Nightjar
Field Tracker – No Diggity
Oneohtrix Point Never – Betrayed In The Octagon
Brian Eno – Matta
Yann Novak – Relocation.Reconstruction

Episode 41 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or cjsr.com. A showcase of the best ambient releases from the past year, 2012.



Willits + Sakamoto – CompletionBrian Eno – Side D
Windy & Carl – The Smell of Old Books
The Boats – The Ballad For Achievement
Taylor Deupree – Negative Snow
Willamette – Always in Postscript
Kyle Bobby Dunn – In Search of a Poetic Whole

Field Tracker – Episode 39

December 20, 2012

Episode 39 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or cjsr.com. Guest host DJ Yoga Shoulder takes us through a selection of local ambient artists as well as some 70’s ambient progenitors. Thanks, Yoga!



Field Tracker – White Christmas
Mark Templeton – Telepathy
Steve Moore – Light Echoes 1
David Bowie – Subterraneans
David Bowie – Moss Garden
David Bowie – Art Decade
Pigeon Breeders – Interior II
Brian Eno – 2-2
Mark Isham – On the Threshold of Liberty