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December 27, 2014

I’ve moved this blog over to tumblr.

Episode 110

November 22, 2014

first day of winter

Music for the first day of winter and Chinese experimentalists.

Gan – Stream
Dead J – Theme 1 Variation 2 Scene of Chun Sheng suffering struggle session in cultural revolution
Gan – Skyline
Dead J – Daydream scene of Ku Gen’s game
Mika Vainio – Heijastuva
Villages – Dresden
M. Sage – Hangar Meridian I-III
Marsen Jules – The Endless Change of Colour (excerpt)
Christopher Bissonnette – Delusions


Episode 105

November 22, 2014


The 2014 fundraising episode for CJSR 88.5FM’s Fundrive. This episode is devoted to a sample of the various kinds of ambient and experimental music I play throughout the show’s weekly existence.

Seaworthy – Dawn, 2nd October 2005
Beneath The Castle – birds, thunder, powertools
Yoshimi and Yuka – Korokokoro ‘N Insects

Pjusk – Rim
Richards Skelton – Scar Tissue
Windy & Carl – Interlude

Kyle Bobby Dunn – Canticle of Votier’s Flats
Willamette – Mid-August, For Rachel
Stars of the Lid – Hiberner Toujours

Sawako – Ev. o. tico
Moskitoo – Taxonomy
Fourcolor – Frosted Mint

Brian McBride – Prelude
Morgan Greenwood – 58936juiceboxe
Brian Eno – Quartz
Milieu – Sky Blue Dreamboat

Tetsu Inoue – Rebeat Reduction
Christopher Willits – The Baroque Machine
Autechre – Sonderemawe

Biosphere – Prologue
Stars of the Lid – Down II
Gregg Kowalsky – VIII
Tim Hecker – Palimpsest 1
Beautumn – Kilimanjaro

Endlessly – Arcturus
Adam Pacione – Warming Trend

Boards of Canada – The Smallest Weird Number
Evan A. James – II
The Caretaker – I feel as if I might be vanishing


Episode 97 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. LP1 of Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness.


KBD – Ouverture De Peter Hodge Transport
KBD – An Excrement Suite (For Voices Lost Again)
KBD – Boring Foothills Of Foot Fetishville
KBD – Variation On A Theme By St-Dipshit
KBD – Rue De Guy-Mathieu

Episode 86 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. An hour’s worth of music from Ghost Box


Belbury Poly – Summer Round
Listening Center with Pye Corner Audio – Town of Tomorrow Today
The Advisory Circle – Sundial
Disasterpeace – Age
Justin Bieber – U Smile 800% Slower
Sarah Davachi – Alms Vert
Tetsu Inoue – Automatic Motion

Episode 85 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Brian Eno’s Discreet Music record and related tracks.


Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No. 1
Brian Eno – Discreet Music
Oneohtrix Point Never – website loop
Happy Trendy – #13

Episode 84 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. Music from the pop electronic label, Kompact.


Gaston Arevalo – Le Pont
Thomas Fehlmann – Alles, Immer
The Field – They Won’t See Me
Michael Mayer – Tomorrow Goodbye (farben remix)
Tim Hecker – No, No… (The Field remix)
Gas – Untitled 3 (from Konigsforst)
Markus Guenter – Regensburg 1

Episode 74 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. A showcase of a few newly released albums local and otherwise with half the show devoted to a longform piece from Glitch pioneers, Oval.



Sirch -The Sunless City
Sirch – Beach Babies
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Deupree – Jyaku
Eluder – Contemplate Our Decay
Oval – Do While

Field Tracker- Episode 64

October 22, 2013

Episode 64 of the Field Tracker radio program on CJSR 88.5fm. More of Taylor Deupree’s One Sound Each Day Project. The best sounds from October – December 2009. Plus, a selection of friend of the show, David Letersky’s, personal loops.


Taylor Deupree – October, November, December
David Letersky – Escape Dream
David Letersky – Across the Long Table, Teacup
David Letersky – Oil and Time Reflect
Mathew Letersky – Clockmaker’s Clock is Broken, but Beloved
David Letersky – Ambient Droplets
Field Tracker – Sleepytown Butcher
David Letersky – Clicks and Clocks
David Letersky – First Drone
David Letersky – W&C Shimmer