Field Tracker – Episode 44

February 21, 2013

Episode 44 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or A look into the world of library and production music



John Cameron – Thoughts
Les Hurdle & Frank Ricottie – Pacewaves
Keith Mansfield – Energy Fields (B)
Sauver Mallia – Synthetic Geometry
Sauver Mallia – Point Quartz
Alan Hawkshaw – Wave-forms
Alan Hawshaw – Terrestrial Journey
Tod Dockstader – Soprano Aloft
Tod Dockstader – Powerdown
Tod Dockstader – Signal Powerdown
BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Out of this World (excerpt)
Various Artists – Stereo Test Record
Delia Derbyshire – ziwzih ziwzih oo-oo-oo
Awake – Sezioni
Pierro Umiliani – Vita Primordiale

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