Field Tracker – Episode 15

May 28, 2012

Episode 15 of the Field Tracker radio show on CJSR 88.5fm or This week consisted or 15 tracks from the 25 track ambient collaborative release, instagr/am/bient, in which ambient artists swapped instagram photos and created short ambient companions to the photos.



Oootini – My Other Lens is a Leica
Smyth – The Space Between
Benjamin Dauer – In Reference to Time
J butler – Sundown
Atlastop – A Bursting Yellow Heart Landed in the Collapsible Forest
Steiner – A Place I Used to Call Home
Radere – Snow Noise (Overhead)
Mark Rushton – Float
Warren Craghead III – Some Found Things
Evan Cordes – At the Window
Richard Ginns – Mauldeth Rise
Linda Aubry Bullock – Near Cedar
Ted James – You’re Trying to Focus, but it’s Too Far Away
Christopher Bissonnette – Downwards
Naoyuki Sasanami – Fugetsu
Marcus Fischer – Up Above the Hill-Sky
Wooden Walls – Meter Maid
Tom Vourtsis – Black Eyes

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